Data Breach Analysis

Process: Our data breach analysis service offers a meticulous examination of incidents where data has been exposed, leaked, or stolen. We start by identifying the compromised data type, such as customer information, intellectual property, or internal communications. Our experts then investigate how the breach occurred, whether through a phishing attack, misconfigured database, or insider threat, among other possibilities. Following this, we analyze the compromised systems to understand how the attackers bypassed existing security measures. A final report provides an overview of the incident, the vulnerabilities that were exploited, and a set of recommended actions to prevent future breaches.
A healthcare provider experienced a breach that exposed sensitive patient records. Our data breach analysis discovered that an unprotected server was the source of the leak, allowing the provider to immediately secure the server and prevent further exposure.

A financial institution found unauthorized transfers from user accounts. Data breach analysis revealed attackers employed a combination of phishing attacks and credential stuffing. This led to strengthened multi-factor authentication and ongoing employee training on recognizing phishing attempts.

Risks for Not Doing It: Failing to conduct a comprehensive data breach analysis leaves your organization wondering how and why it occurred. This ignorance can be difficult, as unidentified vulnerabilities will likely be exploited again. Regulatory fines for not adequately protecting data could also become a concern, depending on jurisdiction and the nature of the data involved. Your organization’s reputation may suffer if stakeholders feel that their data is not adequately protected, leading to customer trust and revenue loss. Ignoring the need for a thorough data breach analysis may also result in legal challenges, especially if the data contains sensitive or personally identifiable information.