Forensic Services

Digital Forensics Analysis

In-depth investigation of digital devices to uncover evidence and ascertain the root cause of a cyber incident.

Network Forensics

Scrutinizing network traffic and logs to detect and analyze cyber-attacks or unauthorized activity.

Malware Analysis

Dissecting malicious software to understand its functionality, origin, and impact, thereby enhancing future defenses.

Incident Reconstruction

Reconstructing cyber incidents to determine how the attack unfolded, the vulnerabilities exploited, and the compromised data.

Data Breach Analysis

Comprehensive review of data leaks to identify the weak points that were exploited and recommend protective measures for the future.

E-Discovery Services

Assisting in identifying, collecting, and analyzing electronic data, particularly for legal proceedings.

Disk and Memory Forensics

Examination of storage media and RAM to recover lost or hidden data and investigate suspicious activities.

Mobile Device Forensics

Forensic analysis of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to recover data and evidence.

Cloud Forensics

Investigation of data hosted on cloud services to assist in legal or internal issues and to enhance cloud security measures.

Expert Witness Services

Providing expert testimonies and detailed reports for legal cases that involve cyber incidents or forensic analysis.

Log Analysis

Deep dive into system and security logs to detect irregularities and evidence of cyber incidents.

Financial Forensics

Investigating financial records and transactions for signs of fraud, embezzlement, or other financial crimes.

Social Media Forensics

Monitoring and analyzing social media channels for evidence of cybercrimes or malicious activities.