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About Us

Gunbrig Security is a company focused on Enterprise infrastructure, application and blockchain cybersecurity. It was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Winnipeg. It was founded by a team with more than two hundred years (combined) of experience and knowledge of network security attack-defence practices, and all team members have a long track of record in world-class projects. Gunbrig Security is a top international blockchain security company. It supported many global well-known projects through integrated security solutions with threat discovery and threat defence while tailored to local requirements. Many Enterprise customers are distributed in more than a dozen major countries and regions – Canada, United States, Europe and the Middle East. Our company has been honoured to be a trusted advisor to global leaders, delivering the world’s broadest portfolio of cybersecurity services. We’ve helped companies across a wide range of verticals secure their information and operational assets and stay compliant, ensuring that they achieve their business goals.

About Us


DeepDive Technology Group (DDTG) was formed on the principle of providing customers with the most advanced solutions to meet their business needs, all while ensuring technical complexity does not stifle innovation. Gunbrig Security is a partner of DeepDive Technology Group (DDTG). DDTG is a consortium of the top tier, best of breed professional services firms that specialize in custom blockchain development, security, infrastructure, and cloud technologies. DDTG has provided its services to the top enterprises and blockchain firms in the world and we welcome the opportunity to help transform your business.



A senior enterprise IT architect with 20+ years of experience in cybersecurity technologies, infrastructure analysis, implementing innovative and leading technologies for International companies worldwide in the public and private sectors.

A passionate leader with experience across Business, Consulting, and Technical evangelism. My commitment to asking the tough questions and giving honest answers makes clients feel good about hearing the truth no matter where they sit on the technology maturity curve.

Over the years, I was able to develop both powerful management skills and exceptional technical and engineering skills. I have a winning track record in building and bringing organizations to be secured with robust procedures.


To achieve consistent results for our clients, we retain world-class professionals who have established careers with a long track of records.

As a result, our customers’ security and compliance operations grow more efficient and impactful over time, as Gunbrig professionals learn about clients’ specific needs and begin to anticipate them.

Dima Zodek

CEO & Co-Founder

Secure Software Code Professionals

Red Team Professionals

Certified Ethical Hackers

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