Blockchain Security

Smart Contract Auditing

Comprehensive evaluation of intelligent contracts to identify vulnerabilities and suggest improvements.

Node Security

Measures to safeguard blockchain nodes from unauthorized access or attacks.

Consensus Algorithm Analysis

Examination and testing the consensus mechanisms to ensure they are resilient against attacks like Sybil or 51%.

Blockchain Forensics

Tracking and analysis of blockchain transactions to investigate fraudulent activities or compliance issues.

Data At Rest Encryption

Solutions for encrypting data stored within the blockchain, making it inaccessible to unauthorized users.

Endpoint Security

Protecting the endpoints through which the blockchain is accessed, ensuring secure interaction with the network.

Network Resilience Planning

Plans and strategies for ensuring the blockchain network remains robust against DDoS attacks or other service disruptions.

Ongoing Security Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and auditing of the blockchain network to proactively identify and respond to threats.