Training Services

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Programs designed to educate employees on cybersecurity fundamentals, helping them identify and respond to common threats like phishing.

Secure Coding Workshops

Specialized training for developers on how to write secure code and identify vulnerabilities during the development process.

Incident Response Training

Hands-on exercises and simulations to prepare teams for effective incident response during security events.

Network Security Training

Comprehensive training covering network protocols, firewall configurations, and intrusion detection systems.

Phishing Simulation

Conducting fake phishing attacks to evaluate employee response and provide targeted training.

Compliance Training

Courses to understand and meet industry-specific compliance requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS.

Mobile Security Training

Specialized training focused on the unique challenges of securing mobile devices and applications.

Cloud Security Workshops

Hands-on training sessions to understand the complexities of cloud security and how to protect cloud-based assets.

Threat Hunting Training

Advanced courses aimed at IT professionals to actively search for, identify, and isolate threats within a network.

Secure DevOps Training

Integrating security into DevOps practices, covering topics like CI/CD pipeline security and automated vulnerability scanning.

Application Security Training

In-depth courses covering various aspects of application security, from Web Application Firewalls to API security best practices.